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Toughened, Laminated & Float Glass

At Mandurah Glass, we stock several varieties of glass that are suited for many different purposes. Listed below are three of those varieties: toughened, laminated and float glass.

Toughened Glass

Baked at very high temperatures, then rapidly cooled with forced air drafts, the manufacturing process of toughened glass makes it much stronger than most other varieties of glass. In addition to its strength, this type of glass is unique in that it doesn’t break into sharp shards. Toughened glass is a safety glass, so whenever the glass is broken, it breaks into small pieces that are unlikely to cause any cuts. It is a versatile type of glass that we install in both residential and commercial locations.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a form of glass in which several panes are bound together by a sheet of plastic. This creates a web-like effect, and allows the glass to stay in one piece even if it’s damaged. This feature makes laminated glass remarkably durable, and able to withstand a considerable amount of force. Thanks to this feature, it poses little risk of ever breaking into shards. For this reason, like toughened glass, laminated glass is a form of safety glass. It can be installed in offices, windows and just about any other area that you would like. Our laminated glass also provides substantial UV protection and sound insulation.

Float Glass

Our most cost effective glass, float glass is completely uniform, and comes in several different levels of thickness. As float glass is not a form of safety glass, we only install it in areas that comply with Australian safety standards.