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Doors & Windows

Manufactured from the finest materials, our large collection of windows and doors are custom-made to suit any size or shape that you require

Sliding Doors

Both stylish and reliable, our range of sliding doors are fantastic for rooms with restricted space. Built with stainless steel fasteners and high quality rollers, our sliding doors are built to withstand considerable force. The high quality framing and seals of the doors ensure they exceed high wind and water ratings. These doors come fixed with dead-lockable, double-keyed handles to improve security.

All sliding doors come accompanied with premium acoustic and insulated seals. Both single and double-glazing options are also available. All doors are placed on precision bearing rollers in both single and tandem formats, allowing us to manufacture taller and wider doors.

Multi-Stack Doors

Multi-stack doors are excellent for creating wide openings over large areas. Durable and cost-effective, multi-stack doors come with all of the aforementioned features of sliding doors. Any number of panels can be added to multi-stack doors, making them a very versatile option.

Hinged Doors

Classic and reliable, Mandurah Glass also offers its line of hinged doors. Made from high quality aluminium frames and reinforced with high performance glass seals, our hinged doors exhibit remarkable durability and strength. Hinged doors come in both framed and frameless options, and can be installed internally as well as externally. Additionally, window options such as sidelights and highlights can also be incorporated into the overall door framing.

Bi-Fold Doors

Coming in a variety of different panels and sizes, bi-fold doors are another great alternative for covering wide openings. Made with stainless steel hardware, and fitted with high quality seals, bi-fold doors exhibit considerable strength. These doors also offer openings via single or double-hinged panels when closed.

Sliding Windows

Coming in any number of different configurations, Mandurah Glass sliding windows are our most cost-efficient, low-maintenance window type. Mandurah glass sliding windows uniquely utilise heavy-duty tandem wheels for smooth movement, and high quality fin seals for noise reduction and weatherproofing. As with all of our windows, the dimensions of our sliding windows are made to fit your needs. All sliding windows have the option of being upgraded with flyscreens, double-glazing, smart glass and cladding adaptors. Additionally, windows can also be upgraded to commercial framing to become even bigger and stronger.

Awning Windows

Hung from the top, awning windows are engineered so as to protect you from wind and light rain, while simultaneously allowing you to experience the breeze. Awning windows come paired with lockable winders and double acoustic seals for noise reduction, and can be adapted to multiple horizontal and vertical configurations. Upgradable features include electric winders for remote access, double glazing & mesh security screens.

Double Hung & Sashless Windows

For greater versatility in ventilation, our double hung windows have two operable sashes, allowing the window to open from the top and/or the bottom, which gives you more options for airflow. Moulded handles are built into both sashes to ensure easy operation, and the windows themselves can remain open in any position. Sleek and stylish, these sashless windows can be fitted with a counterbalancing system, allowing both sashes to be opened in one easy motion. They come in horizontal and vertical variations and in both 2 pane and 3 pane options. As a modern alternative to traditional windows, Mandurah glass offers a series of sashless windows. These are windows with no moveable frame, but instead moveable glass inside of a fixed frame. Sleek and stylish, these sashless windows come in horizontal and vertical variations, and also come in both 2-pane and 3-pane options.

Louvre Windows

For heightened and more precisely controlled airflow, Mandurah Glass offers the Breezeway brand of louvre windows. Louvre windows are windows composed of several blades of parallel glass. These blades can be opened horizontally in unison, thereby achieving maximum ventilation. As our louvre window blades can rotate anywhere on a 90 degree angle, you can completely change the direction of airflow into your room. Blades come in both aluminium (which are great for patios and privacy screens) and glass options, and the security features of the window can be upgraded via keylocks, bars, flyscreens and security screens. Additionally, louvre windows can be upgraded to the Breezeway Altair Powerlouvre, allowing the windows to be controlled remotely. This is a particularly convenient option for windows that are placed very high, and can’t be reached by hand.


Mandurah Glass has a large and diverse supply of spare parts to be used for your own personal repair or DIY projects. As a matter of fact, if you send us a photo of the part that is broken, our team will be able to source the part that you need. Among our selection is the following:

– Rollers for Windows & Doors
– Handles for Windows & Doors
– Door Closers
– Door Cylinders & Keys
– Security Door Hardware
– Fly Door Selections
– Carriages
– Plastic Tracks
– Seals
– Mortar Fills
– Sealants
– Locks
– Pet Doors
– Glass Blocks