Decorative/Privacy Glass

Our decorative glass adds an aesthetic dimension to our regular glass, and is an appealing alternative that is used in many of our products.

Decorative Glass

For both increased privacy and artistic value, our decorative glass is made available for partitionings, doors, windows, showerscreens and splashbacks. Coming in both patterned and frosted options; our decorative glass can be arranged and styled in a large number of different ways. We offer this glass in both residential and commercial locations.

Switch Glass

For most glass, their opacity is fixed. They are either clear, or blurry. However, with our cutting edge switch glass, you don’t have to choose between these two options.

Our switch glass sandwiches a unique film of material between two panes of glass. This material is usually opaque, but by applying a current, the film and by extension the glass become completely translucent. So by a flick of a switch, you can change the opacity of your glass in an instant. It is an incredibly useful type of glass in any area where you require instantaneous privacy.